interior Stain

Gel Stain
Finewood and Floors

No need for a conditioner, no overlapping marks, no wood grain raising. Contains extender (see extender description for more details). Perfect for floors and large surfaces. Needs only one coat. 40 colors. Odorless. Exceptional coverage (1 quart covers up to 200 sq. ft.).

Glacier Finish
Hybrid Varnish

Provides a warm golden glow to your floors and dries 6 times faster than any oil based floor product. For furniture and floors. Self-leveling Low odor. 4 sheens : mat (5 to 10% sheen), satin (30 to 39% sheen), semi-gloss (60 à 69% sheen) and gloss (90 to 95% sheen).

Latex Wood Filler
Latex Wood Filler

To mask defects, fill nail holes and repair cracks. Easy to use, dries quickly and easy to sand. Durable. 18 colors available